Fallen Angel with no Heart

An angel's life
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2005-04-07 21:52:25 (UTC)

Take the piss if you want, but u wont b no friend of mine if u do

Right john this is what I wanted to tell you. Years ago
when I was bout 12 I started to get into this religion
it’s called Wiccan, you can mock if afterwards to ya mates
or other people or to anyone but not in front of me, but
its just another way of making peace with yourself and
being relaxed and stuff cause at the time I was going
through some bad times.. And Wicca is a religion for white
witches. Yes witches…. I used to be a white witch, now
that probably scares you but a witch was over seen in
movies and fairytales as bad, but white witches and even
witches weren’t bad at all. There are rules in the Wiccan
religion the most important one is said to be in eight
words… at the minute I can’t remember what they are. But
it’s just like you can’t harm others you can’t cast spells
that will harm others and u can’t manipulate free will.
For a look into Wicca ive got out one of my spell books
and it’s a spell book bout love, so ill type it out for
you so you can realise and hopefully understand how
perfect this religion is.
Love magic is the most potent and ancient of all magic,
an eternal light that has existed since time immemorial
and lives in every person. We all posses love magic as our
natural source of life. It is the power that keeps us
alive when we feel like dying and the power that makes us
feel like dying when a lover’s affection for us fades.
Love magic makes the world go round as an energy that
transcends Earth, space, and time. Since it is the
strongest and most accessible of all magic, we can easily
woo love our way by tapping into this love life source.
Two people in love excude a physical glow, a flowing and
electrical energy visible to others. This love light is
just as much within you as it is in all that you see,
hear, smell, touch, taste. Love magic doubles every power
you possess; linking to this power is like putting a plug
into an electrical socket. By connecting to this source,
you can establish a love link with every living part of
nature; love light will enter your life eternally. In
aligning yourself with this frequency, you can harness the
living power of love and easily influenced romance. Super
natural forces ruled by love will become sympathetic to
your inner resonance and will obey the laws of nature you
invoke through magic to accelerate the natural process of
life. By treading the mystical pathways, you will find the
love and seek. Such love magic has been at work since the
mythical days of cupid, whose arrows still pierce the
hearts of lovelorn. Throughout history, Cupids arrows have
found their mark with legendary lovers such as Cleopatra
and Mark Antony and Romeo and Juilet. You can sense love
magic in the magnetic thrill you feel when someone
attracts you. Time stands still and all else pales as the
flame of passion is ignited and a chain reaction begins.
Love magic spells work by enhancing the ink between you
and the one you desire by calling on the assistance of the
influential divine powers. Love acts as a catalyst to
make your wishes materialize. Your inner thoughts send
magnetic vibrations into the ether, or energy, creating
wave’s that extend outside yourself. When you feel
someone’s glance, you are sensing the etheric waves from
that person. The ether has tides like the sea, with waves
of increasing strength that determine what will happen.
You can either harmonize or conflict with these forces of
change, since the ether is influenced by your thoughts; it
is a subtler plane of energy than matter and can be
permeated by words. Spells are words of power that control
the driving impulse in the ether, the invisible energy
behind things that can be seen. Magic is simply
concentrating and directing your focused thoughts to any
aim or person to achieve a desired result. Knowing your
own heart is most important. The rest is as simple as
aiming a ball at a net or a dart at a dartboard.
yes…. yes I know john that has probably sent you to sleep
or even a deep sleep… but if it has its ok, I just wanted
you to know that im trying to cure my depression by
joining back into this, it’s a peaceful religion and ive
been through it before its just sort of making people
around you and the atmosphere around you… it can even
helping with your grades! And make you look better with
certain types of spells. Mock it if you must, leave me if
you must, but I got to do this for me and only me, with or
without your help.

Hope your night was good! Get some sleep please! Love Ali
xxx ps: send a txt if you can after reading this xx

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