Thoughts in Green
2005-04-07 21:30:29 (UTC)

What the Hell!

Ok look here is the deal. I am in the middle of a seriouse
issue with my roommate/bestfriend. I dont normally think
that issues between him and I could be close to imploding
and ending our friendship, However he is so far from who
he has ever been that I can not deal anymore.

As I wrote prior he flew off the handle the other night
and took a swing at me. Normally that right there is a
deal breaker but I figured ok 10 yrs and this has never
happened before, so lets give it a few days and see where
this takes us.

So he wants to be an actor and gets called to be an extra
for Lucky you (the new Deborah Messing flick) and their is
a possibility if he goes he might loos his job. Well we
agree to let him take the chance as long as the day after
the shoot he goes immediatly to get a job somewhere else.
Well sure enough they fire him and I am cool with this ...
until this morning.

He is supposed to go down again at 7 am to do another
shoot (which mind you they pay for) and he passes on
going, so that he can go find a job. Well the only problem
with this theory is that I got home from my morning job at
Noon and he was still lying in bed with his boyfriend.

I admit I got irritated and walked away, so that I would
not start a fight cause that was all I really needed on
top of everything else in my life at the moment. Well then
about 2 hrs later (you read that right) he decided to get
his lazy ass out of bed to pick a fight with me. Stating I
ruined his day with my attitude.

I attempted to speak to him about what was upsetting me
but yet again he starting talking about himself and how he
felt... FUCK HIM! I am so sick of hearing about his
feeling and how things are so hard for him. He again told
me that if I didnt like it I could leave, so I promply
told him there's the door you want to go GO!

I am so sick of people being so wrapped up in themselves
that they can't treat people with the respect they deserve
and have earned. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE - can anyone
tell me that please!!!!

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