Thoughts in Green
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2005-04-07 21:17:17 (UTC)

The loss of Compassion

I am not sure if I am the only one who has come to notice
that this world's people are loosing there sense of

There seems to be a problem with selfishness and no one
seems to want to take a look at the big picture. There is
more going on out there then what happens in your day to
day world.

Growing up I remeber that I felt a stong sense of
compassion for people in the world and it had this
profound effect on people. It made them stop worrying
about the little issues in their every day life and
realize that there is real suffering and real problems
that need to be addressed.

Like the Aids epidemic, child abuse, Child rapists and
murderers, serial killers, kids who feel so alone that
they take a shot gun to school and blow half of their
classmates away.

Come on people get you head out of the sand and do
something. Feel something for someone other then yourself
for once. DO something bigger then you that can make a
positive effect on the world. We were all put here for
something .... and I dont think that it was to spend our
time consumed with making money.

This world has so many beautiful things to offer and their
are many wonderful souls. Maybe if people showed their
compassion a little more often this world would be more at
peace. We would be able to come together to stop the bad
from getting in at least a little.

Just a thought from me to you

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