daily self deceptions...
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2005-04-07 20:44:46 (UTC)

Can't think of the damn word!

Theres a word... for example: Person 1 asks person 2 to
not yell at them. Person 1 asks person 2 to always say
please and thank you. Person 1 asks person 2 to always tell
them whats wrong. But when person 2 asks person 1 to
act/do/etc what is asked of he/she, person 1 refuses and
makes excuses. I wish I could figure it out. Grr.
Dirty is being a complete ass right now. I'm talking to
him, like I have all day, online while he is at work. He's
in a bad mood (for good reason) yet he takes it out on me.
Surprise Surprise. He always does.