Heaven cried tears of blood
2005-04-07 20:15:32 (UTC)

Let Go

next time ill remember what he said
next time ill remember what he did
this time im gonna learn from my mistakes
this time im not gonna go for a fake
so heres my peace
do with it what you will
i would have waited for you forever
but now its just too late
i would have waited for you to never
but now i cant get past the hate
i would have put my head on your chest
and listened to your heart beat
i would have waited till i was bolder
and kept you from your defeat
but now its to late
but now you've squashed the dream
so im saying goodbye to you
and goodbye to the memories that might still be
but as your face lingers in my mind
i wont cave in
and as your touch lingers on my skin
i wont hold on too tight
and once i cant remember the way it feels to hold you in
my arms
ill breath a sigh of releif

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