I Don't Know
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2005-04-07 07:21:40 (UTC)

Been a little while...

Time has been moving so fast lately. A lot of stuff has
happened. Many deaths in the news: Terry, the Pope, and
the usual war deaths. Sure, big topics now, but they'll
soon all fade with something new. I mean, since the death
of the Pope, I've barely heard anything else about Florida
or Jackson. It is amazing how fast people forget and move
on to repeat themselves again. Take for instance the
tsunami in Dec. Don't hear anything about it now, but then
that was all you heard, and by god if you didn't donate,
you were a cruel, evil person going to hell. Did I donate?
Not really. Some pennies to make some people mad and to
get them to leave me alone. It pisses me off that people
will jump to action for one thing, and let people on their
own streets starve. You should help all the time, not just
on the moment when it is popular. Especially like those
idiots down in Florida. Man, we really need to just blow
up the connecting land to the rest of the states and let
Florida drift away. Ugh, if it weren't so late, 2am, I'd
go more into it, but I just really don't want to right
now. All I can say is those are a bunch of christain
hypocrits and idiots. They are suppost to be, as they say,
higher than the rest of us damned people, but they go out
and make threats and other stupid shit like that, just
makes me sick. Damn idiots. Grr... But alas, seems I'm
dropping to their level with this kind of talk. But then,
I don't claim to be holier than anyone else.

Well anyways, more about me, because this is what this
journal thing is about, right? Right. So, school is going
by really fast. Way to fast if you ask me. I have a lot of
crap to do, and I'm really not doing anything. I'm really
gonna miss a lot of people when I go. Crap, but I can't
stay here, no matter how good these weeks have been. At
least I've found a good reason to leave though. Her name
is Heather, and she has been my new and very unwelcome
shadow for a couple weeks I guess. She is the type of girl
that clings to whoever she can and can't understand why
people don't like her, or are as smart as her. Yeah. Just
about every sentence I say, she has to add some comment,
which usually comes out saying I'm dumb. Even if I'm right
about something, even if it is a fact, she has to prove me
wrong, and it is really pissing me off. Why she does this,
don't know. I've tried playing it off, telling her nicely
that what she said isn't cool, ignoring her, and sarcasim,
and she just doesn't get it. She is obsessed with waiting
for me to go to my room so she can barge in and play
games, or watch my other friends play games. Then she
never, ever, shuts up. She has to question every stupid
little detail. When we give her an answer, she then has to
tell us how wrong we are. I'm a pretty patient person, and
I hate being to forward and mean, but this girl is gonna
make me change that. She was in my room again tonight, but
I left to go drink with another friend in her room. Ah,
good ole Jim. ^^ Ack, but my face gets so red when I
drink. While I was gone though, I found out from another
friend that Heather doesn't mess with anyone else. Go
figure. I don't know why she thinks she can do this crap
and get away with it, and it is about to stop.

Well, I guess I'll call it quits for now. I need to drink
some water and probably go to bed. Hopefully I'll be able
to sleep well tonight. Stupid time change, curse you!!