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2005-04-07 03:50:17 (UTC)

Superfish - 20050406


Went to the gym. Wasn't as big a kaffuffle as I had
anticipated after picking up my boyfriend.


I went.

As if 50 laps didn't tire me out.

I'm really bloody tired in generally these afternoons and
evenings. What's wrong with me? This sucks. ENERGY, I
want more of it! Perhaps my iron's getting low
again...and again...and again...and again...and again...
you get the drift, I assume.

I was bored in the pool today. This is a bad sign. I
have so many goals and yet boredom seeps in quicker and
quicker. And the last 10 laps were hard, damn it. :(

10 laps breaststroke
10 x kick with board
10 x free style
20 x breaststroke and let me tell you, the last 5
especially, I think everyone else in the pool could hear
me screaming in my head to NOT FUCKING STOP UNTIL I WAS

How's that for motivation? LOL...

Sigh. Anyway. I've been out of practice going to the gym
for a long time, so I figure at least I'm back going
again, right? I'm trying to convince myself baby steps
are still steps.

It's frustrating as hell, especially when your whole
goddamn life is endlessly stuck on baby steps.

Just once, I want to take a fucking leap and say NAH NAH
NAH I LEAPED AND YOU [bigger font here please] WILL NOT

But before I start ranting I'd better go. Boyfriend will
likely not be impressed that I'm in here typing away when
I said I'd be two minutes looking for a song on my iPod
Shuffle. Of course, that was when I thought updating it
would take 2 seconds and not 20 minutes like it sometimes

I'm off topic. This is a superfish topic not a rant