Addie GrrLie

Hey You. . .
2005-04-07 03:30:20 (UTC)

07 - 63 degrees

Hello, Mister Perfect! I love you so much! You're my
best friend! We have had a really good day. We had all
four kids and it was crazy and fun. The grrls are still
up partying, you are sleeping, and I am chilling out. The
boys went to sleep hours ago, so they will be up early. I
will be up early, when you leave. So hard to sleep when
all I can do is think about you, and your body, and how
you aren't laying all over me in bed. Then I get up and
do my wifely responsibilities. I love doing your laundry,
folding your clothes, smelling you. OMG. I just love
you. I think about you all day. Doing you related things
until you get home. I love you so much, Tony. And after
dinner tomorrow, it will be just us until Sunday. Yay!
Yay, yay!! Good night, my sweet baby...

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