Sean Gokey (Gokes!)
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2005-04-07 03:29:24 (UTC)

April 6, 2005

Today was an off day for some but I felt I had to take
advantage of each hour of the day. I listened to the Brewers
game in the afternoon and I sat and thought about how Skip
had once said "If you train hard enough, dream big enough,
and want it bad enough some day you may get to buy a Brewers
hat and tell some naive kid that you are Ben Sheets and you
can charge him $50 for your autograph". Later in the
afternoon Salt and I went to lift. We met up with Skip there
too. They both sat me down and we had a long talk about my
progress and hard work during the off season and how they
are considering moving me up in the line up. I do believe
that I can help the team and moving me up will do that. We
then finished our lifts and we were burned out. Salt said he
was real disappointed that no one was lifting on this off
day I can't say for sure but I think I might have seen a
tear in his eye. After lifting I went on my daily run and
said good bye to Salt and Skip. The whole day I had to avoid
the trainer because he had told me to come in earlier in the
day. He thinks that I might have a cracked rip or two and
that my hand is broken. Salt said go to the trainer if you
want and I know Salt that means suck it up and keep your ass
out of the training room. The trainer said yesterday if I
don't take care of my injuries soon I may never play again
or it could hurt like more than a bee sting for a while one
of the two. Well I still have to visualize for an hour for
next weeks game. I wish we did play tonight but those guys
we play next week don't know what is coming.

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