Completely Incomplete

Letting Go Is All I've Held Onto
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2005-04-07 02:36:42 (UTC)


WHOO! I just got back from the MALL! Ravon and I went. It
was so much fun. Fish nets, bracelettes, wrist bands ...
you name it! Oh and jean jackets and A&W hamburgers. I
feel so full!
Im so tired. Ive been up and around all day. Tired. I just
put on that Corvette t-shirt I have, and it feels so lose.
I think its cuz Ive been running around in a red tanktop
all day.
Im sooooooo tired. I think Ill hit the hay soon.
I wonder why they say 'hitting the hay'. Its not like Im
going to go crack a base ball bat onto a hay loft.
Or same with happy as a clam. Why do we just asume clams
are happy? I mean they cant laugh or smile .. and they
live in a puddel of dirt.
Same with 'stop crying or Ill give you something to cry
about'. I already HAD something to cry about you
insesitive prick.
Oh god ... its my speech all over again. Im going to have
to stay away from sharp objects and shoe lases for the
next while.