Master's bliss

Master's bliss
2005-04-07 02:34:11 (UTC)

Way too long

Dearest Master,

First of all, this slave apologizes that it has been so
long since she made an entry in this diary. she knows
that she has no excuse for not making the time, but You
know how busy she has become since little league practice
started. It is also the time of year when the children
have special school events, etc, so this slave's time has
become extremely limited. she is aware, however that she
has not always made the wisest use of the free time she
has available to her. this slave will make every effort
to improve her time management from this day forward.
this slave is sorry she has become lax in her journaling.

Last night, You took this slave to task for her lack of
journaling, as well as for a couple of other issues that
this slave has let slip. You have been very tired and
extremely stressed with Your new job responsibilities.
This has caused you to be more tired in the evening, so
there have been nights when You did not restrain this
slave. Other nights You gave this slave the option of
whether to be restrained or not. As of late, this slave
has been choosing to not be restrained. You have accepted
this, until last night. Last night, this slave explained
that she was choosing not to be restrained because she was
out of practice, and since she was not that tired, she
felt that she would not be sleepy enough to fall asleep
while restrained. You then told this slave she could
spend some time downstairs, alone, but she must come to
bed by 11:00 PM. she then came down and sat down at one
of the kid's computers and started playing solitaire.
Quite a wrong move on the part of this slave. You were
giving this slave free time to do anything she wanted, and
instead of taking the time to write in her much neglected
journal, she played a silly game. You came downstairs,
saw what this slave was doing, and You quickly changed
Your mind about the entire course of the evening. You
told this slave of Your mind change, and then asked her if
she was taken the time to write anything in her journal.
this slave admitted that she had not, and You made the
comment that this slave was not making the best use of her
time. this slave knew exactly what You meant. You told
her to get into the kitchen and lean over it. this slave
complied and You pulled her night gown up over her bum.
You then administered several sharp swats to my bottom
with Your hand. You told this slave that You had decided
she would be put to bed, restrained. If this slave's
training had become lax, then improvements needed to
made...Immediately. You then told this slave to get
upstairs immediately, which she did. You restrained her
arms behind her back, collared her and blindfolded her.
Then You put her to bed. she was right...she did have a
hard time going to sleep. this slave kept thrashing
around, trying to get comfortable and trying to fall
asleep. she never did fall asleep with the restraints.
After about 30-45 minutes, You came over, took off the
restraints and told this slave to go to sleep. this slave
understands that this is training. she will wear the
restraints each night and she will re-learn how to sleep
with them. this slave also understands that last night
was about reasserting Your ownership over this slave.
Things had become less structured, and this slave's focus
had waned. Last night changed that. she appreciates that
You reclaimed this slave as Yours, and she will make every
effort to be more like the slave You desire.

Thank You, Master, for taking the time to correct this
slave when she is wrong, or when she falls short of Your
expectations. this slave thanks You, as well, for
reclaiming Your ownership of her. Being owned is what she
needs, what she craves, and what she deserves. Thank You
so much for being Master of this slave, and for loving her
enough to correct her when she fails.

this slave will always be Your loving, loyal, and devoted