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2005-04-07 00:18:39 (UTC)


last night i was buried under homework, stress, and
outrageously stupid ass siblings, etc. and i have to make
up approximately 3-4 tests before this week is over. it's
only been 3 days that i missed class. [guh! i just got a
freakin' wrong number caller!] anyways, i can't believe how
hard senior year is. all this fucking drama and school is
making my brain hurt.

so, after all my troubles escaped from me yesterday during
swim, it all came back to me just a minutes after when i
came home. i was working on my honors govt and ap french
when the phone rang. it was adam. i was happy he called
because i havent talked to him forever. we talked for about
half an hour on where we were going to college next year.
he told me he was going to USC. i told him i was gonna go
to UCLA or USC. anyways yeah, and then we started talking
about prom. not my prom, his prom, since we go to different
schools. he called me to ask me if i'd like to go with him.
well, right now, with what im going through, i dont think
id like to do anything because im so busy but id hate to
say no to him. so for now, i just told him i wasnt sure but
i was leaning more towards yes. i think. argh. whatever.

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