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2005-04-06 23:28:47 (UTC)

Baritone Is Improving

Well I have been playing Baritone in class for a couple of
days now. And I had another little lesson with Mr. Adams.
He says I am improving and that all I need to do is
tighten my emboucher, however you spell that, and use more
air. I have problems hitting the high notes but he says
doing that will help me get them. Right now I can't get
higher than a C without going really quiet and having a
few attempts.

Today was wacky hair day and for those that didn't see I
have pigtails. And in the pigtails is a little braid. So
yeah, my bus driver thought they were cute, Scott started
calling me frizz, and Trevor thought they were scary. I
weasled... actually I can't tell you that. So moving on. I
am rather happy today.

24 days until heritage festival. And I said a long time
ago that I would learn the baritone before my birthday,
which is in four days. I have the fingerings learned. So
does that count? I just have to master it now and I will
be happy.

Thought of the Day:

My thought of the day can not be written because I have
been sworn to secrecy. But it will keep on manipulating my
thoughts. I have to remember to ask Trevor when his
birthday is: time, date, and place. We shall find out.

P.S. Everyone from now on has to ignore Trevor until he
tells me his Middle name. He only doesn't tell me because
he gets attention by me trying to figure it out. So now he
gets the silent treatment. He'll crack because he is like
Preston. And he cracked easy. OK everyone? Ok