my life being Yours
2005-04-06 19:52:46 (UTC)

too far apart

here i sit, in my own home, a time zone away from Him and
He is sick, dealing with issues He should never have to
deal with, taking care of a sick son, and alone.
with every fiber of my being, it tears me apart. i want to
be there to take care of Him, to keep the hurts away from
Him, to protect Him with all that i am, and im unable to do
Two totally seperate worlds that we are both dying to make
one. His son, my son....His life,my life, is it too much to
ask for them to become one? How do we mold two lives into
one love....two worlds into one heart and two pains into
one happyness? can it be done.....or do i live in a
fantasy world?
frustrated as hell,
His hali

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