Where Eagles Dare
2005-04-06 19:12:09 (UTC)

Not leaving today 4/6/05

Woke with my usual headache (HA), but I was working on getting the papers ready for MS Adams. Guess who came by her and the building inspector. I was not required to let them in.

I am not feeling up to seeing her today, myhead feels too bad, I have lied down most of the dy, and everything seems to hurt when I walk. I did go by the doctors office to see about getting something for pain. The mobic is not working and I am finding it more and more difficult to keep control.

Can't say I know what the bp is, but my eyes tear a lot from pain, even the boys have begun to notice it now.

Got a letter from Binder and Binder today, they want more money. Have not decided how I will send it. I also got the letter from Dr Martinez today, she has put everything in it that is needed. I really need to make a better file for my papers, too bad I am feeling like crap.

I was feeling a bit down earlier, feeling that my education has been wasted, feeling that no mater how hard I try seems things just don't work out. Seems I have been fighting health problems all my life. I could probably manage something if the headaches were under control and I could get around better.

I am also going to find out the requrements for GHI when it comes to getting the power chair.

Well I feel a little better now that the letter came and I am reminded that I have no choice but to continue to fight.