' Bloop '.
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2005-04-06 17:22:59 (UTC)


Me and Nic are going toapartayytomorrowlike. It's gunna'
be so much fun. We're gunna drink and dance to loud music
and stuff :D

Wooo Char thanks for your a-very-nice-a comment :D Hehe, I
loves ya. I hope you're having lots o' fun in

Ooh, I found my 'Furby' today! *Squee's* Remember them? I
was looking for my red conversee's (which I still haven't
found, by the way.) at the bottom of my wardrobe and I
came across it. It has it's eyes open still which scared
me a little bit and made me make a sound that sounded a
lot like "GAH!". I was going to put batteries in it but
then I figured I really couldn't be bothered.

Apart from that, i've done fuck all. All day. Actually,
that isn't true. Heres a list of things i've done:

* Text Nicola/Frenchie
* Make my bed *gasp*
* Make (and eat) a cheese sandwich


WELL. This killed about 10 minutes!


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