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2005-04-06 09:15:27 (UTC)


Oh Alison (my sister) is so irritating sometimes... She goes
around when i'm off school telling people i've got fucking
glandular feaver! well fuck her! how would she know! get it
the fuck right!
Why does she feel the need to go round telling everyone i
know about things that go on at home!
Like the other day, mum told me to take of my nailvarnish or
something... and then the minute i get to the bus stop its:
"Oh, you've been aruing with your mum havn't you! why?! what
happened!?" oh for fucks sake! why can't she keep her big
mouth shut!
I could quite easily go round telling everyone shit that she
does at home, but i don't! coz there's no need! but she
seems to think that she should!
I really don't care if she thinks i'm nasty to her or
woteva, coz at the end of the day, she can be a bitch to me,
just like i can be a bitch to her!
I'm a bit stressed out atm, the fact that i'm missing school
coz i'm so ill (yes i came home from school again today,
after 45mins) the fact that i have the constant pressure of
"you have until friday to do all the work for two gcse's..."
and its like! well what the fuck! i can be stressy if i want
to be!
Oh i'm done now... must do some ICT and Graphics work...


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