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Journal of Joels slave
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2005-04-06 16:05:30 (UTC)

diary 05-04-05


so much thinking going on still. i am missing MasterJ so
much. He is out of contact for a few days so when i finally
do chat or talk to Him i will be so happy. Tuesday and
Friday nights were my scheduled nights with my past Master
so in a way it seemed strange not to be chatting with Him.
He was logged on when i finally logged in as well. because
i had "missed" our "appointment" He assumed i know longer
wished to chat to Him but that isnt the case at all. He
couldnt chat for long anyway as He is now on daylight
saving time and He had an meeting with friends for lunch. i
reassured Him that i still want contact. this pleased him.
He also gave me the name of a chatroom where i can talk to
other subs & Doms who happen to live closer to myself. He
still seems to be looking for a Master for me. One who is
younger and local. MasterJ is the same age as MasterR so i
still dont understand His preoccupation with MasterJ's age.
i told Him that i might take a look at the chatroom another
day as at times like this when MasterJ is not about it
would be nice to have others that i can talk freely with.


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