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2005-04-06 03:53:56 (UTC)

April 5th.

Ok been a few days since i wrote, but hey nothing really
has happened. Well today we started the PSSA's and i was
like... "Kill me now..." i hate these especially sitting in
a class room for 4hrs. Same classroom and you have to be
quite till EVERYONE!!! finishes the test it boring.. They
wont let us listen to music or bring cards to play
Solitare. Basicly all we can do is sit there go over our
own anwsers and scetch.. Scetching out for first 30 min
then gets really boring trust me.. I couldn';t pick my
pencil or pen up to try and scetch again if my life
depended on it.. Well is midnight here now and i got to do
those damn PSSA's again.. *falls asleep from name..* damn
law and having to take to grad..


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