The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
2005-04-06 02:20:57 (UTC)

*Confused look*

Alisha thinks I hate her. And her reasoning that she
didn't tell me is, shes hurt me so many times. She can
hurt me but she can't hurt bobby. Is it just me or is
that fucked up? *Shrugs*

Gina and I talked and stuff today. I didn't tell her how
I felt I just chatted. She chatted back and it was nice.
Shes a very cool intresting girl. *Shrugs again* I wish
her ex wasn't such a dick. She got her dog back I guess,
but she got in a fight with him and got upset. I donno, I
really like her but I don't know if its just cause I've
been alone so long. But hey shes told me before that she
likes when I come and visits, and sometimes tells me to
come back. So I think I will just see what happens. So
well see.

I really don't wanna work at horizons anymore. I should
of known it was gonna suck when it took them almost a
month to hire me. Its just not a fun atmosphere. The
people like me and all, but I don't really fit in. They
all are married and have kids. I just turning 21.

I miss my eve 6 cd, I don't know where it is. Its all in
your head is a good album. I really like the hospital
job. Its a really nice bunch of people I work with.
Reminds me of the Pondo crew a litte.

"Miss the way that you shock, shock, shock me. You come
into my house and then you rock, rock, rock me. Wanna see
your eyes wide, not sewn shut. Living in the city could
be dying if you don't get a grip, take a sip from malotov
mug. Wanna keep you from keeping you down. Pick yourself
up off the ground."

Thats the eve 6 song I have stuck in my head. Well I'm
gonna get going. Have fun everyone.