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2005-04-06 02:11:20 (UTC)

Work Stuff - Politics Sucks

ok, so i know the world's not perfect - not by a long
shot - but COME ON!

Everyday i do my job as best as i can - paperwork on time,
reports in and complete, training topics and trainees that
are in the curriculum, basically being a compliant
employee. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm no doormat. If I
think something's not working, I'm the first one to speak

And why do I work this way? 1) I get guilty real easy,
and I like to sleep at night. I need to do the best I can
to feel good about my time away from my family; 2) I want
to be well-thought of by others, especially my peers; and
3) I want to be recognized by my mgrs

So imagine my horror to see an announcement today about a
collegue who doesn't do paperwork; is sloppy with reports
and trains on whatever the hell he likes getting a
PROMOTION!!!! what the hell????

Of course I realized it's politics. The one thing this
guy is good at is crawling up someone else's ass. And the
dept head is leaving for another dept. So she's promoting
him on the way out. wonderful.

i find this incredibly frustrating. why do i get my
knickers in a knot about doing my work, when he doesn't
care at all about hte program and gets promoted.

it's just not fair.

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