Life of the Lonely
2005-04-06 02:09:24 (UTC)


Why is love so important in our lives??? Why is it mandatory
for us to find a significant other?? We put ourselves out
there and end up finding someone who makes you feel so
special and beautiful but of course he isn't ready for a
commitment!!! We lower our morals just for some guy who
turns out to be nothing but just an annoyance! I mean I
seriously almost completely threw away the one thing i
promised to myself in life...and that was to wait to have
sex until I get married. So many people these days can
barely wait till the first date to do it but me...i wanted
it to be something very special. After 19 years of my life i
finally someone who likes me and actually appreciates me so
I almost give it away but just before i do i realize this
guy is moving away and he is probably seeing other girls.
So i just wrote him an email saying either you wanna date me
or don't cause i hate feeling like i am stuck in the
middle...ok so it wasn't quite that straightforward and mean
but i did get the guts to tell him how i feel. so he
probably is gonna think i am psycho now or something so i am
really glad i didn't have sex with him! but now im just
waiting for his email or his phone call and its going to be
awkward and weird but whatever happens i hope its for the
good and if not then life sucks even more than i thought!

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