if this is what it takes...
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2005-04-06 01:40:02 (UTC)

day 1

things went pretty well today. my friend and i are in on
this together. its good to have someone to keep you
accountable. i did well today, not snacking. my
boyfriend is kinda upset that i'm doing this diet thing
but i really dont care because i so want to be super
skinny. i was watching oprah today and there was this
woman who had anorexia, she was some famous singer. they
showed a picture of her, i guess it was supposed to be
shocking and gross but i thought she looked good. she
said being thin made her feel beautiful and powerful,
couldn't have said it better myself. there's this girl in
one of my classes that wants to gain weight. she makes me

cena: me nutrit et me destruit.

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