A day in the life
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2005-04-06 01:29:05 (UTC)

Welcome Back

Its been a while. So I'm taking this opportunity to write a
few thoughts down. I have been on my AD meds for a while.
It works, I am less depressed. I've been keeping my
business appointments, but I'm still broke. The side
effects are awesome:

1) Nightmares - these seem to be subsiding a bit, but in
the beginning, these were wicked mothers. I died in every
one. Violently. Mostly on my bike.

2) Reduction in hearing - that is subsiding too, but for a
while I was almost deaf. It was wierd, take pills, go deaf.
pills wear off, have hearing.

I'm still with Cheryl. Now we are both divorced. I think
she wants to marry me. Hmmm. Now what? I saw my wife at the
divorce, she looks the same as always (damn good) but shes
still a liar. She wouldn't admit that the handsome boy she
brought with her is her new boyfriend. I don't care bitch,
we are getting divorced, I havent seen you in two years and
I'll probably never see you again after this. Why lie now?
There really is no point to it. I wanted to tell you I'm
sorry that you couln't be happy with me, that I loved you
and that if you ever need a kidney, you know who to call.
Say hello to your parents, I did care for them (much more
than you ever cared for mine).

Easter is a stupid holiday. Who gives a shit? And... what
the fuck does a bunny have to do with the resurection of
Jesus? Exactly- NOTHING.

Easter is the christians way of telling the jews (once
again) that they are better than them; "Not only do we have
a messiah, we're gonna eat pork to celebrate." Give me a
break, what a crock of shit.

Lets see, what else... Cheryl and I went to Parker, AZ last
weekend. The bugs were incredible, we had to stop in that
town by alamo lake and buy bandanas because we were being
pelted with bees. Good ride but Parker sucks the ass of
life! Why didn't we flood parker instead of Glen Canyon?

Thats it for now, I'll check in again sometime.