a slave's journal
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2005-04-06 00:52:37 (UTC)

4/5/05 ~ a day without Master~

Dear Diary,

i have this issue. i have decided a day without my Master
is torture. my mind has wondered all day about how he is
and how his day is going about the ferry ride and the
questions of his safety. but alas he must have a job he
must work he must be his normal human self. he introduced
me to a new home the other night we spent the evening in
it last night as well He asked to court Jazire it was
sweet i got a gift a lil doll type thing Yana the scout he
is spirited. just like my Master spirited and caveman
like. grinz.. the caveman thing i find very cute. uh huh.
some how i can imagine a lopesided grin with it most the
time. i realized today talking with my sissa that there
are some thing i need to tell him and some thing we still
need to learn about each other. he is the most wonderful
thing on the planet. the future bright and the world large
i am excited scared but so devoted and in love. i dont
think i could ever express the love in my heart. the love
that now keeps me awake wondering at night. the love that
he alone gives me