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2005-04-06 00:22:49 (UTC)

Fantasy One

So I thought I would discribe my fantasy to you about me on
the beach with another guy. I think that I t would be a
relaxing calm invierment and that I would be able to listen
to the ocean weavs hitting the beach as they come in...

Walking on the beach holding hands you turned to me and
kissed me sweetly. I put a blanket down and laied down. As
we lay there and look up at the stars, I think of wild
things that we have done behind the closed doors of your
bedroom. I can no longer see the stars but I see you
instead. You take off your shirt and throw it to the side.
Telling me just how much you love me, you pull my shirt over
my head. As we are kissing I feel you getting harder,
knowing what is on his mind I slid my hand down and put it
down your pants rubbing you slowly. You start kissing my
chest. Knowing now that the hook to my bra is in front you
undo it with your teeth letting my straps fall down my arms.
I start rubbing your cock vigorously as you suck on my
breasts making me wetter than I have ever been. We move into
the 69 position, as I use my tounge ring rolling it softly
across the top of your head. You moan a little liking what I
am doing. You get your tounge deeper and deeper until I
start to have an orgasim. At this point you tease me by
stopping. You move around and kiss me while inserting your
11 and a half inch cock deep down in me. I moan a little
letting you know that I am feeling more pleasure. As you
thrust your cock into me harder and harder you ask me if we
could try a new position tonight. I scream yes not realizing
how loud I am being. With out removing your cock we switch
over and you put me on top. As I roll my hips around I start
to orgasim. You massage my breasts as I move up and down.
You put your hands on my hips and help me so I don't get
tired to quick. We move back to missionary and you lift my
leg up into the air and stick my foot against your cheek.
Getting so deep that I can no longer control my screams I
orgasim three times in a row.I feel the warth from the cum
as you reach your orgasim inside me. We lay there not able
to move from or bodies being so tired from the greatest sex
we've ever felt!

There you go thats one of my many fantasys. I'll add others
as I go along!

: )