A girl with other girls

My sexuality
2005-04-05 23:05:58 (UTC)


I thought I would write and tell you all what I look like
and a little bit about myself. I realized that I never did
tell you anyhting about me. I am about 5'4" and I weigh
about 123 lbs. I have very light brown hair that stops just
above my C sized breasts. I am a very kinky person. I like
all types of positions but I must say with the right guy
doggy style is the best, I love to suck cock and I also
like to go down on girls. I like when girls go down on me
but I feel weird when guys do. I would love to have sex on
the beach at night time, under the stairs and the moon. I
also wouldn't mind doing it on an elevator.

: )