A girl with other girls

My sexuality
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2005-04-05 21:47:25 (UTC)

Sex dream...

I had this fucking wild dream last night her it is...

I started out sitting in a living room watching tv and this
guy walks in butt naked. He lies me on the couch and takes
shirt and bra off. AFter he does this he starts sucking on
my tits and then unzips my pants. He takes my pants and
purple thong off and starts going down on me. as he is
doing this a girl walks in. She as well is naked. She sits
down on my belly and starts to suck my tits, and uses her
toung ring to make it even better. while she is doing this
the guy starts to fuck me while eating her out. after
awhile I get on top of this guy. The Chick leaves after
awhile and in comes another guy. I am now walking upstairs
and I go into the bathroom. Where I find a huge tub. Me and
the two guys get in and we start messing around in the tub.
finally the new guy sticks he hard cock in me telling me
dirty things. and I start screaming like mad saying fuck me
fuck me, fuck me harder. The other guy starts to ass fuck
me and we go like that for awhile. After that they start to
take turns fucking my pussy. I finally suck them both and
they finished in side me.

This is the best dream I have had so far...ummmm nummy.

: )