' Bloop '.
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2005-04-05 19:34:14 (UTC)


I'm super pissed off.

I came online and like, 2 people spoke to me. 2. Fantastic.

Don't I feel loved.

Anyway, yeah. Thanks.

Went to Lincoln today with Amyyy. But as Alex was off in
Wales (Eating leeks) and Jamie was with Nikki, we just met
up with Freddles. Twas fun though :D We did lots of fun
and exciting things, such as walk around town. And go to
Freddies house, whoo! Freddie spent all his money on a
Yellowcard deeveedee. Silly bo'iiiii.

I really can't be arsed to do this at the moment. Sorry.
Imma gunna go and get drunk now.


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