attempt 2

Inner Workings of a Broken Mind
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2005-04-05 19:08:49 (UTC)

Ok, not written in here in a..

Ok, not written in here in a while. Back to college then.
*sigh* I've not really spoken to many people since I've
been back. Not that I want to. Not that they want to. A
lot's changed with the group over the past few weeks. It's
not the same at all. It's all fragmented. People don't
know where they are. C'est la vie I suppose. I spent my
lunch with Paul and Graham today. They're from my business
studies class. then we went to the coach to go to the
Warburtons factory lol. It was so boing! especially the
journey. We got split into groups and I was with Matt
holmes, holly and vicki. Holly's cool. I've not spoken to
her much but have started to now. Remenissing about London

Oh yeah! Today Ian informed me that Transplants are
playing at Leeds, so that triggerd me into buying a
ticket, and I have! w00t!!!!

That's all there is to say. Group's fooked, all's okay.


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