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2005-04-05 18:19:02 (UTC)

So ill...

OMFG i'm so ill!

Rite, where to begin... on saturday i worked all day,
complaining of a sore throat for the majority of my time
On saturday night, i had the choice of either going to my
mate nikki's house party, or going out with Richard into town...
Sam called me when i got back from work, informing me that
she wasn't going to be going to the party anyway, so that
made my choice a lot easier... lets go and get drunk in town
with Richard...
So anyway, got into town... call rich... "i'm just going
into pizza hut, coz a group of chavs (that don't like him...
(long story)) were following him and his mate deb and one of
her mates who i didn't quite catch the name of... anyways,
so i walk up to pizza hut, narrowly missing a confrontation
with these chavs... walked to the back of the restaurant,
where richard and co were deciding on food... said my
hellos, then all of a sudden, i look round, and the chavs
are bowling it up towards us...
Everything happened very quickly...
The fat chav grapped rich round the neck in a pretty
pathetic headlock... while another chav who i had previously
kicked in the head/back/shoulder a few days before grabbed
me or something... and then decided to try and punch me,
which was quite feeble i must admit... now i don't get in
lots of fights, but this guy hits like a girl! lol anyways,
i think he hit me in the face like twice or something, and
then one of his slags grabbed my top... i heard it rip, and
that fucking pissed me off... so i started screaming at her
(the stupid bitch) and in the mean time all of the others
were being dragged out of pizza hut by the male staff! it
was so funny, coz they came back after kicking them all out,
and were like... u ok?? lol and then people started talking,
and then it was like "well done mate" etc. etc. even though
none of us actually retaliated in any way...
(i'm not gonna get arrested for smashing a chavs face in
with my new rocks in the middle of pizza hut, just coz he
feels like fighting me! fucking twat)
I was very pissed off about the fact that the overlocking on
the neck of my top had been streched/ripped... but oh
well... anyways, they were basically like... "fucking
idiots..." and then informed us that if the police needed
statements off of any of them, then all of the staff would
be happy to give one...) which was good!
Well anywho, after that... we left (with pizza) and headed
to the hole in the wall... got in there, and as soon as i
step in the fucking door, start chatting to this guy Xav, he
fucking ID's me! wanker! apparently he wasn't in a very good
mood that day! but it was odd... coz just the week before, i
had been sitting opposite him drinking all night, and then
this week he decides to Id me, and decides that he won't
take my ID!
So anyway, we left... and got picked up by richards parents,
who richard decided to argue with... got them pissed off...
they didn't know that i was intending on staying over... but
they said i could anyway... so i was like... "nah fuck
this..." and got picked up from richards, and dropped in
Brantham at Nikki's house!
The party was excellent! me and dean made a lot of mess with
food... in the bathroom, and kitchen! lol...
Then me, sam and dean decided that we were going to walk all
the way back to ardleigh! lol we left at about 1am... and we
didn't get to ardleigh until 4:30am... lol it was
rediculous! but we had so much fun on the way! lol i've now
got a road sign hung in my room! lol
Well anyway, i got back, and slept... woke up the next day,
and had such a huge fucking sore throat! my glands had
already been swollen before, but not this big! they were
huge! so on monday i went to the doctors, who did lots of
tests, and swabs etc. and decided that i've got some kind of
viral infection... which is making my glands swell up huge
etc. etc. they are pushing on my throat so i can't swallow
properly without immense pain... i've got headaches,
earaches... generally feel shit, and have no energy... so
i'm really not well...
Took monday off of school where i went to the doctors, and
got prescribed penicillin for 10 days... and today when i
woke up i felt even worse! so i didn't go in today either...
I felt not too bad by about 11am, so i went into town
looking for some shorts etc. met up with richard... i missed
him coz i hadn't seen him properly in ages... and then came
home, feeling absolutely shit!
And thats about it! lol

So generally not having such a good week!

Oh well... i hope i recover by next tuesday! lol