Where Eagles Dare
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2005-04-05 17:25:09 (UTC)

No School Today 4/5/2005

The roads are still messed up. I do not know how bad since I have not been out, but school is closed so they must be pretty bad. The house is warmer than it was yesterday, but at 67 it still has a slight chill that makes you feel lazy enough to stay under the covers. The boys are playing with ther rodents, the house could use some work, but my BP is up and I feel i too tired to do anything It is actually a pretty nice day out, although there is still snow up in our yard. I am looking forward to being able to work in the garden.
pfont size=4 color=brown I have a taste for chocolate, or perhaps cheesecake I wanted to put a picture of a cheesecake on here, but not sure how to do that. p Well I am tired so I am taking a break

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