Albus Lupusolus
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2005-04-05 15:55:14 (UTC)

from cat death to society problems then to the theory of reletivity

he died on sturday the same day as the pope. funny part of
all this is that before we had to go to the doctor i was
thinking "hey the pope is at that clinic place it would be
funny if the pope and my cat died in the same day" and what
do you know it happened. well i can atleast say one thing
and that is that my cat did not suffure much at the end. i
should know i was there when it happened. one thing that i
always used to say about my cat is that it was the only
thing keeping me sane. now he is gone. well nothing new
here same as always. i get someting good and it is taken
aways frome me right under my hands. nothing new here.
whenever im in my happy place everything goes wrong. but
that is nothing new to fact it is kinda getting
boring. as they were putting the last injection on the cat
i told him "see you later." and i did mean it. it had 2
weeks to live because of leukemia. i had seen his eyes.
they showed total emptyness. i saw his eyes before we wnet
there and i could tell pain and sorrow. sometimes i wish i
would be wrong. i knew that the cat was not going to live.
how i dont know but i do know that i knew it. being right
all the time sucks cause when you know something bad is
going to happen it happens. when you know you are going to
be wrong, you are wrong. life is a paradox. i just realized
that. life is life but after death you have eternal life.
life is the easiest and the hardest thing to explain. cause
there are some questions that just getting the answer to
would tear society apart. oh great society. aint that the
stupidiest thing in the world. especially here in the USA.
the one place where everyone lies by saying this is good
there are no problems. just a load of bullshit for money.
have the body that this guy has here, or have the beautiful
body that this girl has here, fucking bullshit. although i
really have to say that bullshit is a fun game (card game).
people want to think that everything is find and danddy but
the thig is that it isnt but the thing is that it is. see
what i mean a paradox. it just is. both at the same time.
einstines theory of reletivity says that if you were going
at 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%
the speed of light a proton would still apear to be moving
aways from you at the speed of light. how is that possible?
that is easy. how does your eyes work? they work by light
bouncing of a seface, but wait how can light bounce of
light if it is going at the same speed as light. this
basically means that you would see the proton moving at
speed of light cause you cant see it but it would actually
physically compared with you would only be moving 1 mile
per hour away. now if you could travel faster than the
speed of light , still stay the same, you would actually
see the proton moving away at speed of light but you would
physically be getting closer to it. confusig isnt it.
blame it on your eyes. it takes skills to connect it all.
holy crap. i could go on for much more on how the universe
is all connected but i think we will just stop at the
theory of reletivity and talk about that next time.

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