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2005-04-05 14:39:38 (UTC)

The solution?

Things are different now, steven is being taken out of the
house. my mom is upset and so am i but in a way im a little
excited. Only because now i might get the time with my mom
that i never had before. Me and her are great when we have
a little bit of time together but we never get long to hang
out. I have started to miss my mom, but theres no reason to
miss her anymore. It might sound selfish but i think im
allowed to be for once. Mom is having a hard time with
being gien to the state, and i understand that but she
needs to understand that once he gets better shes going to
get him back. So she has nothing to lose by letting them
take him till hes better and has got the help he needs to
go on with his life. We still have to go to the stupid
meetings on wednsday nights, but i guess i can understand
why. I kno me and him have issues but i think its because
im a little jelous of him... he takes all my moms time, and
its not fair that i get none, so i think it might be a
little resentment to. Im not ashamed to admit that i was
either, because anyone who had another sibling take their
parents time away from them would to. I feel bad when i
tell him i hate him, because i dont hate him i just hate
what he does. well now hes gone to get the help he needs
and i think thats what is best for him.

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