My New Journey
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2005-04-05 13:58:11 (UTC)

I Feel Better About Everything!

I am feeling very positive and alive. I am working on my
negatives and giving thanks to God each day for the many
positives things in my life.

I went on the trip with spaceguy and things were better
than I had expected. He had cleaned up his room and our
time together was sort of fun. Top things off freshguy
called and though for some strange reason I still do care
about his, that strong attachment that I once had for him
is without a doubt fading and I am glad of that!

Things To Do Today

1. Say my affirmations

2. Practice Spanish

3. Make deposit

4. Buy lottery and soap

5. Go a walk

6. Read chapter

7. Try to locate romance novels

Eatting Menu

Meal One

1 yolk, 2 cheese omlete

Meal Two


Meal Three

Chicken/cheese rollup

Meal Four

Green chille chicken enchilladas
broccoli with rice


small but very rich