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2005-04-05 09:30:58 (UTC)

RIP pope

well, hmm... i'm not a catholic, but i've seen and heard
so much about him over the tv and newspapers these few
days that i almost feel as if i know him in person. okok,
i'm exaggerating, but still it's enough to make a person
feel so. especially now that i know when he's born, where
he's from, his ambition, his parents and family, his
achievements... practically every single little bit of his
life i know now :)

gosh, i know him better than i know my best friend in NYP.
now that's a bit weird... hmm...

still, for the catholics who lost their beloved pope, i
offer them my condolences. yes, i've seen how much they
really respect and love him. The Holy Father they call
him. a man who treated and loved all the different
religions as if they are one... well, i can only say, rest
in peace pope...

ok, sad things aside, cheer up, and smile people.

this is another slack week for me, with no lessons on
wednesday and friday. but... yup here comes the big BUT...
there's this psychology exam on friday afternoon. so it
ends up with me still having to mug and study everyday,
with the only advantage as being able to sleep till
noon. :P

rain rain go away
come again another day
(preferably when i'm at home and sleeping :P)

haha, okok, now i'm hungry and cold and sleepy. gonna grab
something first.