Let's see how long this lasts
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2005-04-05 03:48:25 (UTC)

TATER DAY!!!!!!!!!

It all began years and years back when the farmers would
all come from all around to little Benton, Kentucky, then
the biggest thing within reach to sell their sweet taters,
and has bloomed into the BIGGEST REDNECK CONVENTION on the
face of the planet, and your local holiday for clean family
fun...we're a dry county. The first monday in april every
year. In 1986, when I was born, it was a tater day, and
this results in all sorts of embarrassing nicknames.
Anyhow... I'm missing it this year. When I think about it,
I think of the times of the past that I frolicked there
among the flea markets and horses. This year I spend my
Tater day amongst friends here in the "big city." The way
I celebrated.... oops slept through most important class
(completely non intentional...infact I was quite
perturbed.) and an afternoon of lesiure with my friends
and a big baked potato and broccoli chedder rice with
whit. If we're still awake by the time she gets out of
practice, then we're going to the park to play on the
playground. My birthday is on thursday, I don't exactly
know what I think about that... I dunno. Registration in
the morning. Hope I get everything I need. Oh well... who

Final thought: Country folks can survive... (echo of a
gigantic truck horn blaring "dixie")

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