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2005-04-05 01:28:23 (UTC)

The Things You'll Never Know

01.) My true feelings for you.
02.) The way you drive me crazy.
03.) How much I hate it when you tell me to keep my chin
04.) How I die a little each time you lie to me.
05.) The way I miss your kiss.
06.) How I hate when you talk about marrying Bobby.
07.) How alone I feel inside.
08.) That it doesn't help when you say "shes" waiting for
09.) What I missed out on waiting for you.
10.) That I will never get over you.

So yeah, the things she will never know. And I know she
doesn't care. But this is how I feel. I know there are
other girls, but hearing it from the girl you really wanna
be with, and know you can't have her. I don't care who
sees this. I'm not gonna keep apologizing for how I
feel. Why should I? *SIGH* I want things to be like
they used to be. I want to have a girlfriend, and I don't
wanna fuck it up for once. But that doesn't seem likely.
Something always gets in the way. And now I love someone
who will only ever love me as a friend.

Who knows, maybe Gina can find it in her to like me. If
she does, maybe I wont fuck it up beyond all belief.

I realize looking back on this, it looks like Gina is the
girl I am talking about. Gina is a girl I like but not
what this is about.


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