The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
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2005-04-05 01:00:23 (UTC)

Funny how things work

I cheered up Alisha tonight, but in the process I went
from being in a good mood, to feeling shitty. Why do I
let her play with my head? Why do I continue to be her
stand by me. Incase something goes wrong. Why do I let
myself be that guy. The guy thats always their for her
but doesnt get anything out of it. She leaves when its
good for her, if I'm not doing good. But if I try doing
that when shes down, I don't get to go, even when I don't
know what to say. And I am sick of being told to keep my
chin up by her when she keeps smashing it onto a cinder
block. Why? Why? WHY?

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