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2005-04-05 00:45:27 (UTC)

Had 2 Do This....

I've been thinking alot lately, i deffinatlly needed
something to write in when i can. lol, ok more like when i
get a chance. So many things clog this brain of mine and
this seems like a GRRRREAT place to vent. Its been 3 months
and 2 days since andy's been gone and that was the one
person i could always talk to! so now im ...BLAH! Things
are getting really confusing with graduation coming up and
all these "activities" taking place im ready to go insane!!
So i just got done posting on andy's site and every thing
everyone writes on there is so sad these days! Its sara's
birthday, and im sure shes not in the happiest mood of her
life. Which i can kinda understand! I know exactlly what it
feels like to not be able to see the person i love every
day. Then again, he isnt exactlly too cooperative in the
whole seeing me process. Ok, me and G* are about to
watch "odd Girl Out" ... lol we've been waiting for this
all week! What LOSERS! I'll probably have a party on
Saturday at dads, and maybe i'll get the chance to chill
with Austin and Boda. That would be tight! Ambers been
hideing these days... shes all "grown up" like now and its
deffinatlly something that will take getting used to. I
miss her! *awww...tears, i miss my sissy!* BRIE has been
like MIA forever. Lol ...spring break does crazy stuff to
people, even boda disappeared for a while! Its straight
though tomorrows another hectic day. So until then... Later

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