Autum's Leaves
2005-04-05 00:14:40 (UTC)

Trust the Body-Snatchers

To begin with, you remember those stories about the
body-snatchers form outer space? Well, I just had a close
encounter last night. Oh, my rampant sarcasm. But,
seriously, I didn't act like myself at all last night.
After eating myself out of house and know, I'm
not even going to tell you the rest. Just wasn't

During Spring Break, which is unfortunatly over, a
friend of mine had made plans for myself and another
friend to go to UNCG. I called Thursday, She wasn't home.
I called Friday, to remind her that we were all going to
Sin City that night, She wouldn't answer her phone. I
called Sunday, and left a messege that began with, "Where
the hell are you?" Apparently, unbenounced to me, she had
taken two of her groupies down to UNCG with her and been
partying all Saturday night. Needless to say, my friend
and I were pretty pissed. Especially when I go to school
today and find out she had made plans with someone ELSE to
go as well and ditched them too.

Then there's my ex. I called him on his cell phone,
he's hanging out with the guys, caughing his head off. We
talk about maybe hanging out, then his cell phone dies.
Does he call me back? No. Will he? No.

And then I tought about something. I don't trust him at
all. He could tell me the truth and I wouldn't believe
him. And there's my friend, whom I no longer trust,
especially after a trip we took last year, where she
ditched me for a guy she was interested in. But, I
thought, do I really trust anyone? Even when I was with my
ex, I didn't trust him that much. It seems everyone that
I've really trusted have always let me down, and right now
I might have one friend that I really trust. I know it's
not attractive to be insecure or suspicious, but it's a
flaw of mine.

How well do we really trust anyone? Do we ever truly
trust? It all depends on if you're scared or not. It is
scary to love, to trust, to hope. But, is a life really
worth living without any of those? The best thing any of
us can do, is just trust in ourselves.