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2005-04-04 20:44:47 (UTC)

no horses just balls!

yesterday was interesting.....

i spent the whole day with my sister...elena...she owed me it by not
going TPing with me thenight before....so i think me n a bunch of ppl
are gonna plan a BIG TP run this weekend....perhaps well bring keegan
austin and john?? perhaps miss jackson?? who knows

well marshalls legs are still hairy... 0 : )

today was the first day of school and it sucked untill 6th period...when i
was actually AWAKE! lunch gym n english were fun as always and jordan
has teh coolest hair EVER!!!!!

^^ i soo did her hair like coolio in english class...while trying not to fall
out the window...

spring polo starts this week...and i have decided to screw it and get of
my ass and go every day for at least the first 2 weeks....i miss polo and
feel out of it....mabey its cuz i am still urgled about not lettering in
swimming cuz of my injury and not lettering in polo cuz i missed to
many practices because of synchro...but now i can focus and come back
better than ever!!!!

lindsay freels house is my safe house while TP ing....

i have decided to start a picture trail thingy.....

*:: inside the walls in my head all i see is you::*