Where Eagles Dare
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2005-04-04 20:39:47 (UTC)

After The Rain

Monday 4/3/05
Over the weekend like many places we had lots of rain. I wish I had some pictures, but most of what I saw was at night and unexpected.

I am at the top of a mountain, so we really don't flood, but just below us in the valley they get hit pretty bad. Water covers the highway and cuts us off from the closest town.

We probably don't get the devistation that many other flood victims get, but I would imagin that the people who do get damaged suffer their share.

We have a roof in need of repair, and as soon as we have the money we will fix it. Some rain came in but fortunately no real damage. I still have snow in my yard, and was hoping with all the rain that came down it would be washed away like everyone else around us.