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2005-04-04 19:55:28 (UTC)


Adeley, I just read your GJ. Lets go to a gig at the
leadmill! :D It could be fun. Haven't been there in a
That would involve having money though. Oops.

Because i'm extreeeeemely bored. I stole another quiz,

Does anyone actually read these?! Probably not.

1: Wallet? Paul Frank 'I'm rad, you're rad, lets hug'
wallet. Fawk yo.
2: Hairbrush? Big black paddle brush. Does that make any
sense, calling them paddle brushes?
3: Toothbrush? Ooh! I have an electric Oral B toothbrush!
Lol I don't believe how exicted I got about that question..
4: Jewelry worn daily? My star necklace
5: Pillow cover? Oraaaaange
6: Blanket? It matches my pillow. Extremely unattractive.
7: Sunglasses? I have some biiig black vintagey ones :D
I'm so MKA.
8: Underwear? Pink
9: CD in stereo right now? [Spunge] The Story So Far. I've
just re-discovered my love for them.
10: Tattoos? None
11: Piercings? 8
12: What you are wearing now? Levis, brown polo shirt.
Fluffy slippers :D
14: In my head? Wondering when my phone will come
15: Wishing? Mmleh.
16: After this? I'll probably go downstairs and be
17: Person you wish you could see right now? This could be
quite arkward so i'm going to skip right past this..
18: Is next to you right now? My phone/my IPod/my (PINK!)
GHD'S/An old notepad I found ealier that says *looks* 'I
hear those voices over the noises of the breaking glass' &
my signature a
few times..
19: Your Mood? Fustrated
20: The last thing you ate? tic tac

LMAO. Looking through the ooold notepad next to me, I
found a song me and Lou wrote in like, year 8/9. It's
about Delia Smith. It goes something like this:

Delia, Delia Delia.
How I want to,
Felia, felia felia.
I have two,
kneelia, kneelia kneelia.
Cos' she's my,
Delia, Delia Delia.
She's my babe.
-Guitar solo-

Oh dear.