' Bloop '.
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2005-04-04 18:23:37 (UTC)


Is it strange that I find 'The Amanda Show' so amusing?
It's fling flanging hilarious.

Anyway. I'm pissed off for a number of reasons.

Reason #1 - My pink phone still. Hasn't. Come. I'm
starting to think i've been cheated out of my money. I'm
super pissed off about this. The womman cashed the cheque
last Tuesday! Sheeeeesh.

Reason #2 - My cousin down Torquay is doing a musical at
the moment, 'Dirty Dancing', which we will be seeing when
we visit them next week. This will have some dancing in
it, I expect. This is not good.

Reason #3 - I have to get up at 7am tomorrow. After
getting a shit nights sleep last night. Fabulous.

Reason #4 - I've hardly been out of the house since
Saturday night/Sunday morning at Lou's. I lead a sad, sad

So, yah i'm not in a great mood. Steam coming out my ears
and EVERYTHING. Oh, if you could see me now! Well, if you
could see me now you'd technically be trespassing, and I'd
call the police.