Play With Me
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2005-04-04 17:04:59 (UTC)


***Lets establish that this is goin out to my preppy
ex Tim Blake ( How much did ya win on tha bet baby? ) and
any other person whom this could relate to***

None of ya damned business!!! You all wanna kno why i
don't take compliments, why i don't believe anything you
tell me, why i don't say 'awwwww' at your pitiful pick-up
lines you think are cute, why i don't love you, why in set
you up for failure when i do decide to date you, why i
don't fall for your irresistable charms and be used, why
doesn't it work?! Well, the answer is, because your a stuck-
up little bitch boy who expects everything to go your way,
and when it doesn't, you sit and pout for a while, and then
move on.I kno me and everyone else are fucked up and i have
accepted that. But tha truth, of why i don't let anyone in,
is something i do't want to relive again. Becausae if i do,
just once, it'll all come back again. He'll come back
again. But if i ever do find someone else, someone like
him, i will kno. Because he was tha only one whose
compliments i did take, and i did stick around for, and i
did love. But whatever, tha person most of this is for
would kno i was talking about him when i wrote it if he
reads this, and mabe he'll figure out that I am PISSED
about a little bet he made with someone, and even moreso
that he went around and said that he won, but it doesnt
matter because tha one he truly wants belongs to his best
friend. But as always, i will win. Can't wait for friday,
that concert at Graffitis wid Silent Aggression.