My Diary
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2005-04-04 15:08:45 (UTC)

1st Place...Yay!!

************OMFG we did it. We got first place at
state...Wow man I was really expecting 2nd as bad as it
sounds I was. All the fuck ups we did GREAT. I mean I did
good I put in all my effort. I mean Uly was there for me
and my mom too. They were there to support me and I
apreciate that a lot. It was my last comp. :( My eyes
wattered. Lopez and Linda cried when we all heard the
results and they cired again when they were giving there
speeches. I wanted to cry but I don't know I just didn't.
I didn't cry because I am pround of both guards and we
desvere what we got. A-guard got 1st and B-guard got 3rd
out of eighteen dude that's fucking awesome. They were a
little bumed out after but hey man I think that's fucking
great out of 18!!! Well, I was with Uly the whole
time...lol:) We didn't get out of each othere's
sites....:) Awwww Once I saw him I got soo excited that
just mad my day. UTSA was cool we all felt out of place
though because they were like all proes and shit I got
scared but they were awesome!!! I was honnored to be there
after we wen't to Mr. GATTIE'S I think that's how you
spell it...lmao we had fun lots of it...woo wee. I ATE a
lot. I had to like got to the restroom but I like couldn't
too much cheese...lmao. Uly had to go to...lol It was
hillarious. But gotta go bye.

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