2005-04-04 12:06:55 (UTC)


Last night got so much worse after the sun started to go
down. Mom and steven got into a huge fight. This time he
got what he deserved! He never has gotten a beating like
that b4. She went nuts but she was justified. He left and
had her arrested when the only thing she really did was hit
him a couple of times, the rest of the time she was
defending herself from him. Hes bigger than her and can do
some damage. It scares me sometimes. She has done
everything she could but its not working hes not learning.
He left last night ans we told the police not to let him
back in the house. I mean seriously we have had him put on
probation, house arrest, nothing helps. So now hes staying
with my uncle and my mom has court. She has to go at 10, im
going with her. What does he have to do for someone to
believe that its him and not me and my mother? Does he
have to kill one of us? Because sometimes i think hes
capable of a lot more then we see. The torrington police
are a crock of shit to because they never even asked if
anyone saw what happened. They did the same thing to my
cousin, he was arrested and has to serve 4 years for things
he didnt do, but because the cops didnt do their job and
ask around, he was found guilty. Now their doing it to my
mom, he cant come home! Im affraid that if he comes home my
mom and myself will be in danger. She has worked so hard
and so long with him that its wiped her out. Theres nothing
more that she can do! Its killing me to see my mom like
this, i hate when he hits her, at least when he hits me, im
his sister thats a lot different. He telr all the time shes
such a bad mom, but really if it wasnt for her he would
either be in some hospital somewhere or in jail, and right
now either would be better than here. We cant have him home
its to hard to handle him, shes done fighting. Its time for
me to pick it up now and tell the police myself what
happened. He needs to be locked up b4 he gets the chance to
hurt one of us. No one is ever going to hit my mother again.