Let's see how long this lasts
2005-04-04 05:41:09 (UTC)

tons o fun

It was a good weekend. I feel terrible because I skipped
a class on friday, but I had gotten days mixed up and had
not read the work consequently, and I didn't feel like
being reamed for not being prepared so I just didn't go.
I went to the student opera, The Tender Land on friday. I
was so impressed. It was transfixing. I had to remind
myself to blink cause my eyes got so dried out. Saturday,
I went to a practice for this song where I play jingles
and hopefully haven't aquired it as a nickname. Then I
let my section leader give me a facial. Merkle was with
me, and while it made me extremely uncomfortable, simply
because those situations do, I was reminded that I should
take better care for my appearence. I've been sloppy
lately. I probably will continue to be with my sleeping
habits, but I generally clean up after class at least.
After that we ate at The Spagetti Factory. I decided that
it would be my birthday present for myself. It was
gooooooood. I love Italian food. I watched the game in
Wisconsin's room. What a game. It was almost like we
didn't even want it. Boy, I wanted it. More because it
would've been awesome to see both of the teams Wisconsin
was so billigerent about to lose than anything, but, alas,
we all know how that story ends. Also, on this occassion
I was guilty of saying something completely heritic.
Someone mentioned that they had heard some Queen song
directly after they had heard the annoucement that the
Pope had died on the radio. Someone else was
like, "Bohemian Rapsody?" and I was like..."No! 'Another
One Bites the Dust'" and it ended up that I was right, but
I felt slightly ashamed at my inconsiderate behavior, even
though the two Catholics that were there were rolling.
Later I hung out with Jon and that was fun. Today I sat
outside and read. For a long time it was just me and
Jody. Shelly walked by a couple of times. She didn't
even look at him. :( He likes her. I felt bad for him.
He was playing his backpacker guitar and virtually
pleading for attention. Alas, no cigar. Today I
watched "The Boondocks Saints" What a movie!!! I loved
it! Very good. Jon and I watched robot chicken together.
That show is sort of becoming a weekly habit for me.
Tonights episode was great. I laughed so hard. It drew
me in. Anywho...This is all I can say for the weekend of
the first through the third.....Tomorrow I will write of
my longing for Tater day.........Oh Sarah called that was

Final thought: So long and goodnight.