Welcome To Secrets.....
2005-04-04 05:12:58 (UTC)


i have a dark secret... and as usual i have no one to

at the debut, everything started out fine... everyone was
complementing me sexy outfit, i think i even caught the
eye of the very cute guy who keep looking at me when he
introduced us to our seats. even those hypocrites did not
deny that i was a sure model. i even established a demure
image through-out.

later, at the end of the party, there was this disco first it was ok i guess. but later.... i can't
keep up with my partner who knew so not a party
goer so i don't know how to dance well.... i tried faking
it.... much to my surprise it did not work... it
backfired. now i looked like a loud-girl who does not know
how to dance, coz i laughed to keep my embarassment away.
am sure the guys i turned on was turned of... and all of
this are thanks because of my aunti.... and me.

moral lesson: learn how to dance.... it's important

for the future: vengeance.........i will show them

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